How to set up a grow tent

Many of you who read the beginners guide to choosing an indoor grow tent have been asking us about how to set up a grow tent from scratch. Here is a set of videos brought to you by one our power brands - HighDroGro; makers of the best grow tent 2018 award-winning Stash Box Grow Tent.

Grow Tent Assembly - Step 1 - The Frame

As the foundation of any construction project, the frame is the foundation of your grow tent.


Grow Tent Assembly - Step 2 - The Tent

With the grow tent frame in place, we now look at the outer structure i.e. the tent itself.


Grow Tent Assembly - Step 3 - Fan Filter Assembly

 Like the engine of a formula1 car, the fan filter assembly is the power under the hood of your grow tent. A good fan filter assembly ensures that your grow tent setup is a success.

We hope these videos on setting up a grow tent were useful to you. Once again, a big thanks to HighDroGro for making these videos.

Happy growing !!

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