What type of vegetables can I grow inside a grow tent?

What type of vegetables can I grow inside a grow tent? Trendygrower.com Blog

Now that you know how to set up your grow tent, you might have taken the decision to grow your own greens at home :) That is one of the most satisfying feelings you will ever get. That first harvest and the taste of freshness that has grown from your own efforts is fulfilling to say the least. And not to forget, healthy!

So what can you grow indoors or inside a grow tent in the comfort of your own home?

Here’s a quick look at some of the best vegetables to grow in a grow tent:

Lettuce and Leafy Greens

These are definitely the easiest plants to grow indoors and especially if it’s your first tryst with growing your own vegetables. These include celery, bok choi, leeks, cabbage and microgreens. They grow relatively fast and as they harvest you can cut off the leafy parts to enjoy. Keep the main head (white part) to allow them to keep growing and give you continuous harvests over a couple of weeks. If you time your planting such that that they are a week apart, then once they all start growing you can get fresh leafy greens every week. Just give them adequate light with your grow lights, ensure that your water levels are constant and give them a relatively cool environment and enjoy them as they grow and make you smile. Ideal temperature for lettuce is around 60°- 70° F (15°-21° C).


Tomatoes grow very well in a grow tent as long as they get adequate light and have the right temperature environment. Ideal temperature ranges for tomatoes are between 65°-85° F (18°-29° C) for the plants to grow optimally. Make sure they get abundant light from your grow lights in order to flourish. Ideally start off your seeds in a flat container and once the saplings are a few inches tall transplant them to your tent into a larger pot or container. Tomatoes do best with support, so make sure you give them adequate sticks or trellises to help them grow.


Whether it’s chilli peppers or red, green, yellow peppers they will all flourish in a grow tent environment. Adequate water is the key and light cycles vary from 6-10 hours depending on the variety of peppers you have. Ideal temperatures for peppers (though this varies a bit depending on the type of pepper) are between 65° to 80°F (18-26°C).


Beans grow like vines so first and foremost they need to have a trellis support to ensure that they can latch on to it and grow. Give them support of any kind but make that is essential. Your LED grow lights are perfect for them as they will remain cool and not affect the growth. Ideal temperatures for beans (white or green) are 60° to 70° F (15° to 21° C).


Ideal temperature for strawberries is 60° to 80° F (15° to 26° C). Strawberries are ideal in grow tents and can be stacked in an A frame format as well to maximize the utilization of space. As long as the temperature remains with this range and they get about 6-10 hours of light from your grow light everyday they should be good to flourish.


Broccoli and cauliflower both grow wonderfully well indoors in a grow tent. Good ventilation, adequate water and a temperature range of 60° - 65° F (15° - 18° C) for broccoli and about 65° - 75° F (18°- 23° C) for cauliflower.


Perhaps one of the easiest to grow indoors, ginger root once cleaned up and planted will pretty much do most of the rest on its own. Ideal temperatures for ginger are between 65°-75° F (18°- 23° C). Ginger doesn't need much light and prefers shade so make sure you don't club it with another plant that requires a lot of light.

If you need help with choosing your grow lights or grow tent kit, we’ve got some in our earlier blogs.

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