How many LED Grow Lights do you need?

As every indoor gardener or indoor grower knows, grow lights play a big part in determining high yields.

We tried to find the best way to determine the kind of grow light you need basis your growing coverage area. There are numerous articles, videos and posts out there but we couldnt find one that gives a snapshot of some grow light options exist based on coverage area. - Guide- LED Grow Lights by Coverage Area

To answer this question, we did some spent considerable time and effort to compile a list of LED Grow Lights by brands and their coverage areas. We find this useful when helping customers choose the right light at their price point. We felt it would be useful to share with the world!

LED Grow Lights by Coverage Area

The idea of this article is make it easy for all indoor growers to choose the right grow light for your indoor garden. Whether you have a 2x2, 4x8 or larger areas, this guide should help you determine the type of grow lights you need, the quantity you need and your budget options.

The Brands included are (Mars Hydro, Kind LED, Black Dog LED, California Grow Lights and Crecer Lighting USA). We will be adding to this list periodically so stay tuned.

Download Guide- Led Grow Lights by Coverage Area