- Black Dog Led - 2.5x2.5x6.5 Complete Grow Tent Kit - Black Dog Led - 2.5x2.5x6.5 Complete Grow Tent Kit - Black Dog Led - 2.5x2.5x6.5 Complete Grow Tent Kit

Black Dog Led - 2.5x2.5x6.5 Complete Grow Tent Kit

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Black Dog LED has taken all the guesswork out of selecting the best equipment for an LED grow tent setup! Each Complete LED Grow Kit is created using the best the industry has to offer. We start with a genuine Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 200 / 400 grow light. Next, we include the Sun Hut Fortress Tent, and dozens of other top quality products. Our complete grow kit is designed to ensure maximum yields with minimal effort!

Grow Kit Contents


PhytoMax-2 200/400 Grow Light [Based on your choice]


  • BudBox Grow Tent (2.5X2.5x79")
Maintaining a proper growing environment is crucial for a successful, high-yielding grow. Indoor growing tents provide a convenient way to isolate your growing area so you can maintain proper temperature, humidity, light and odor containment while keeping out dust and insects. BudBox grow tents are the newest, highest-quality, sturdiest tents we've used- and over many years of indoor growing, we've tried them all! Featuring the first white interior we have seen, easy assembly, easy access, sturdy frames to hold lights, filters and fans, the BudBox tents are the best way to create a self-contained environment for your indoor garden and maximize yields. A gorilla could hang from these grow tents!
  • Slide - SCROG Kit [2.5X2.5]
Slide-SCROG kits are a unique, custom-built solution for our grow kits to provide adjustable support for your plants. “SCROG” ("Screen Of Green") is a common term used in the cultivating industry to describe a grid or net placed on your plants to help spread out the canopy, maximizing light penetration and providing support for the plants as the heavy flowers develop. Constructed from durable UV-stabilized plastic, our Slide-SCROG frame is height-adjustable with a ratchet system to provide an easy way to deploy the SCROG netting in your garden.


    • Monkey Fan - 20W Oscillating Fan
    • Inline Duct Fan Can-Fan S series 400 4"
    Can-Fans are the highest quality in-line fans available. These fans utilize a reverse curve blade design and an extremely reliable motor to easily move air, powerfully and efficiently. The Can-Fan family of in-line exhaust fans provides the power and flexibility for your garden's needs. Temperature control is a breeze with Can-Fan S Series 400. The 4” inline centrifugal fan has a total diameter of 11.26” and runs at 2,640 RPM and 68W. Each unit comes pre-wired with a 6', 120V power cord and includes a five-year warranty.
    • Activated Carbon Filter - Can-Lite 4"
    Can-Lite Air Filters set the standard for Long Life, Consistent Performance, and low CFM Loss. You can trust a Can-Lite carbon filter when you air needs to be clean! If you're looking for a slightly smaller filter, check out the 4 Inch Carbon Filter here.
    • Fresh Intake Filter 4"
    Dust Shroom 6" Foam Filter. Keeping fresh air flowing into your garden without bringing in harmful bugs, mold, bacteria, and more can be a tall order. The Horti-Control foam HEPA filter Dust Shroom helps you do this all while not causing restrictions which reduces CFM (cubic feet per minute).
    • 4" Flexible Ducting 25'
    • Aluminum Ducting Tape


    • Black Dog LED Grow Glasses - PhytoMAX-2
    Want to see your indoor LED garden as it would appear outside in natural daylight? Try Black Dog LED's Grow Glasses, created through an exclusive partnership with Method Seven. These LED glasses are the only ones available that will 100% correct our PhytoMAX-2® Phyto-Genesis Spectrum® for the human eye.
    • Titan Controls - Apollo 6 - 24-hour Programmable Timer
    • HT-2 Humidity Temp Controller
    Maintaining proper temperature and humidity in your garden is crucial to maximizing yield. The Grozone Control HT-2 Controller keeps your garden’s temperature and humidity properly maintained through all plant life-cycle stages. Simply plug the ventilation fan in to the HT-2 controlled outlet and program the temperature and humidity levels that will trigger the fan to maintain ideal growing conditions.
    • Blueprint Digital Hygro-Thermometer Large
    The large Digital Hygro-Thermometer displays current relative humidity levels and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius and records high and low points for both variables. This unit is wall-mountable or freestanding and includes a remote sensor probe for second-zone temperature readings.
    • Black Dog LED Growing Journal
    • Grower's Edge® Illuminated Microscope 60x
    • Veriglow Green LED Headlamp
    Monitoring and working with your plants is crucial in maintaining their health, but sometimes your window of availability doesn't happen when your plants’ lights are on. This rechargeable green LED headlamp provides high-powered green light where you need it, without interrupting your plants’ night period.
    • Re-usable Plant Tags


    • 13” Pot Elevators - 4 Nos
    • Flood Tray - 1Nos
    Active Aqua 2x2 Flood Tray with 7" side wall. 
    • 4 inch Plastic Starter Pots - 4 Nos
    • 1 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots - 4 Nos
    • Smart Pot - Cloth Pot


    • BlueLab Combo Meter (pH/EC/PPM/Temperature)
    If you are serious about taking care of your plants you need a pH meter and there simply isn't a better portable meter on the market than the Bluelab Combo Meter. Often referred to as "The Cadillac of Meters", the Bluelab Combo Meter measures pH, Conductivity, and Temperature.
    • Measure Master Graduated Measuring Bucket 5 Gallon
    • Syringe - 10 ml - 2 Nos
    • Syringe - 60 ml - 2 Nos
    • Sterile Disposable Pipettes - 5 ml - 4 Nos
    • 250ML Polypropylene Graduated Cylinder; 2ML Graduation and Roll-Proof - 2 Nos
    • Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can 144 oz. (1 gal.)
    • 24" Plastic Spoon


    • Centurion Pro-Snips Professional Quality Stainless Trimming Shear - Straight Blade and Curved Blade Set
    • Grower's Edge Hang Time - Drying Rack 24"
    • CVault 4 liter (1/2 lb capacity)


    • Power Strip - 6 outlet 15 Amps with 12 ft. 14 gauge cord
    • 8 Foot Extension Cord
    • 1 Foot Extension Cord
    • 8 Foot Polarized Extension Cord
    • Heavy Duty Ratcheting Light Hanger - 2 Nos