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Harvest the best from your garden with grow, micro, bloom – emerald harvest’s 3-part base nutrient series designed for professional gardeners.



Use Grow, Micro, Bloom professional 3-part nutrient series to:


+ Enjoy maximum flexibility in mixing ratios

+ Reach your plants’ maximum genetic potential by tailoring feedings to your garden’s needs for professional results

+ Revitalize your feeding program for heavy rewards at harvest time



Give your crops what they need when they need it most, with Emerald Harvest Grow, Micro, Bloom 3-part base nutrient series.

Grow, Micro, Bloom supplies plants with precise nutrient formulations that deliver the right amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium throughout the crop lifecycle. In addition to regulating the amounts of N, P and K so that your high-yield plants flourish, Grow, Micro, Bloom provides a rich mix of trace elements such as magnesium, cobalt and molybdenum as well as many chelated micronutrients such as copper, manganese, zinc and iron.

See the guaranteed analysis below for more information.

Our Grow, Micro, Bloom formulations are hand-mixed to ensure quality. And we’ve included top-quality ingredients to help maximize the genetic potential of your high-yield gardens. They will keep your garden growing strong from the early vegetative phase all the way to the end of flowering. Follow the instructions on the bottles or devise your own feeding ratios based on your own experience and the demands of your particular plants.

Directions for Use: mL of product per gallon of water

Grow Micro Bloom
Seedlings & Cuttings 2.0 mL 2.0 mL 2.0 mL
Veg Phase Transplants 4.0 mL 2.0 mL 1.0 mL
(18-hour light) Early Vegetative 6.0 mL 3.0 mL 2.0 mL
Late Vegetative 8.0 mL 4.0 mL 2.0 mL
Week1 Transition 4.0 mL 4.0 mL 4.0 mL
Week 2 Early Flowering 2.0 mL 4.0 mL 8.0 mL
Week 2 Early Flowering 2.0 mL 4.0 mL 8.0 mL
Week 3 Mid Flowering 2.0 mL 5.0 mL 10.0 mL
Flower Phase Week 4 Mid Flowering 2.0 mL 5.0 mL 10.0 mL
(12-hour light) Week 5 Late Flowering 6.0 mL 11.0 mL
Week 6 Late Flowering 6.0 mL 11.0 mL
Week 8 Ripening 4.0 mL 11.0 mL
Week 9 Flush 2.0 mL 2.0 mL 2.0 mL

Do not premix nutrients | Fill the reservoir with water first and then add nutrients| Monitor plants for signs of stress when following a more aggressive feeding program