- Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' -Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256 - Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' -Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256 - Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' -Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256 - Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' -Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256 - Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' -Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256 - Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' -Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256

Mars Hydro Grow Kit 4'x4' - Grow Tent + Mars Pro II Cree 256 1200w Led Grow Light

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  • Max Yield: 2.0g/watt
  • PPF:1037.9umol/m2/s
  • Replace HID/MH: 800W
  • Draw Power:110V/664W±5% / 220V/647W±5%
  • Canvas Density:1680D

    Mars Hydro 1680D Indoor Grow Tent 4'X4'

    Dimensions: 48''X48''X80'' (120 x 120 x 200cm)
    Weight: 37.5lbs (17.01kg)
    Canvas Density: 1680D
    Pole Diameter: D16mm.xT0.8mm

    Mars Pro Mars Pro II Cree 256 1200W LED Grow Light

    Recommended Hanging Distance Above Plants Seedling stage: 24~30‘’,Veg Stage: 16~24‘’,Flowering Stage: 12~16‘’

    Power output: Bloom: 650~680w | Growth: 480~510w

    HID equivalent: 800 watts

    LEDs: 256 x Cree™ HI-LEDs; 100,000 hour lifespan (20+ years if LED lights are on 57% of the time)

    Spectrum: 440nm, 630nm, 660nm, 2700K-3000K

    Lens angle: 100°

    Coverage area: 16 sq ft (48" x 48") (122cm x 122 cm)

    Thermal management: Aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks; Dual ball bearing cooling fans

    Daisy chain: No

    Dimensions: 23" x 21" x 4" (57cm x 52cm x 10cm)

    Operating temperature: 85°F -105°F (30°C - 40°C)

    Operating/input voltage: 85v - 265v; Amperage: 5.7 @ 110v | 2.8 @ 220v

    Product weight: 36 lbs (16.52kg)

    Recommended height above plants: 24" - 30" (60cm x 76cm)

    Additional details: BTUs: 1883; 61.4 decibels; Plug Types available: EU, UK, AU, USA, Japan; Plug-and-Play

    Product includes: Power cord, Hangers

    Recommended for: Indoor grow operations; Hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

    Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 years

    This Mars Pro II Epistar™ 160 LED grow light is an economical version of the original Mars Pro Epistar™ 160 grow light. Instead of a remote control, this light offers Veg and Bloom switches for different growth modes.

    An upgraded power supply, fans, and LED chips provide you the highest quality Mars Hydro has to offer. The creative reflector-cup design beams the perfect mixed-spectrum and meets the needs of growers who demand a high-quality harvest. The Mars Pro II Epistar™ 160 allows the same superior output as Mars Pro Epistar™ 160 for significantly less money.

    Incredible power at low operating temperature’s gives you more than double the par values per watt compared to traditional HID or HPS lighting. Epistar's™ unmatched intensity and Mars Hydro engineering, offers you extreme power with stunning efficiency.

    For over 9 years, Mars Hydro has been developing and innovating the LED Grow light industry. The reliability and performance of their products has made them a global leader of the LED Grow Light industry. Purchase your Mars Pro Epistar™ 160 and experience the true potential of your grow.

    Mars Hydro Grow Tents are the first LED engineered grow tent specifically for growing with Mars Hydro products.

    Featuring double-thick Mylar with a 99% efficient reflective surface, the tents collect and reflect any light emitted outside of the canopy footprint and delivers it directly back to the plant.

    Mars Hydro tents are designed to reflect the spectrum provided by their LED grow lights. This special surface easily outperforms any other grow tents available.

    These tents are a quick, simple and practical solution to creating a controlled horticultural environment.

    They are easy to assemble come with all the useful features you would expect from Mars Hydro.


    • Ultra-reflective lined mylar for superior light reflectivity and dispersal
    • Premium mylar sides: 2X stronger & thicker than the competition
    • Steal construction: Including poles, fixture braces and corners
    • Vented flaps with screens to help maintain a light proof environment
    • Supports up to a 140lb. fixture for a safe grow environment
    • Removable waterproof floor liner contains spills/water within the tent
    • Completely non-toxic, bug and disease resistant ”no off-gassing”
    • Fast delivery time - ships from multiple locations.